Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Busy Week!

It has been quite the busy week and it is just Wednesday!

We do have a science test tomorrow but all of the students know and I feel that they are prepared. I was able to stay for tutoring today with several students and I appreciate their hard work.

On Friday we will be going to the high school to watch the Clever Choir Showcase. We will leave around 8:45 and be back around 10:30.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week!

Monday: “Sock it to Drugs”
v Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday: “I’m a Jean-ius, I don’t do Drugs”
v Jeans and Red Shirt

Wednesday: “Follow your dreams – Don’t Do Drugs”
v Pajama Day

Thursday: “Cheers to Drug-free Activities”
v Team shirts or jerseys

Friday: “I Won’t be Tricked by Drugs”
v  Halloween parties

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