Friday, February 13, 2015

Field Trip

I want to remind everyone that there will be no school on Monday and the field trip is Tuesday. 

Because we live in Missouri, the weather forecast is always changing. If we have a late start or no school on Tuesday, we will reschedule the field trip for the beginning of March. If for some reason the Nixa Community Center closes and we DO have school, I will post the field trip cancellation on my blog as soon as I get the confirmation. Please be patient and check the blog for updates Monday. I will pass along all information as I receive it. 

If you are planning on chaperoning or even just spending the day with your child, you may meet us at the Nixa Community Center at 8:50. If you decide to take your child with you after the festival, you will need to check him/her out with me. 

Also, thanks to the parents who made it out today for our Valentines Day party. Our kids had a great time. And a big shout out to Coach Wise for getting them outside to run off some of their energy! Enjoy your 3 day weekend. 

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