Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Friction Activity

Today we discussed Friction in Science. Students have an assignment to go along with this however they do have a choice in what they do. Here are the instructions that I gave them:

  1. Create a song that explains and gives examples of the 4 types of friction.
    1. Lyrics must be written out.
    2. Song must be performed for the class or recorded for the class to view.
  2. Write a poem explaining the 4 types of friction.
    1. The poem must include all 4 types with examples for each.
    2. The poem must be ½ - 1 page in length.
    3. This is an activity for someone who wants to work on their own.
  3. Write a short story, 1-2 pages, about someone encountering the 4 different types of friction.
  4. DIY: With teacher approval, you may have another GREAT idea!

Groups of 3 or more must be approved by Mrs. Fenley.
This is to be a small project. Nothing needs to be purchased or made with supplies that must be purchased. I'm encouraging students to think outside of the box and get creative with what they already have.

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