Thursday, October 8, 2015

Weekly Update

I know you will be receiving the Friday Newsletter tomorrow but I wanted to add a few things as well as remind you of a few others.

1. The friction assignment was a BIG hit! We had stories, songs, slide shows, a game, and much more! I love when students can use their creative minds to aid in the process of learning. I hope to have some pictures & videos uploaded to the blog sometime this weekend.

2. Next Tuesday we will have Fire Prevention Week. The whole morning will consist of Reading, Social Studies & our Fire Safety Presentation. The afternoon will consist of math, band & counseling. When our schedule changes, we go with the flow. I'm sure the kids will do just fine with this.

3. Next Wednesday during science we will be having our weekly DARE class. The kids are loving this & I'm very excited that Christian County offers this for us.

4. Don't forget we are collecting box tops & Sunny D labels. Check out this link to see the list of eligible product labels. Once we reach 20 labels, we get 20 free books. 40 labels = 40 FREE books!
Sunny D for FREE Books

5. Parent Teacher Conferences will be the week of 19th. Make sure to schedule those with your homeroom teacher. If you have any questions for another teacher, let your homeroom teacher know so they can get you some answers.

6. Halloween class parties are at 11:45 on October 30th.

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