Monday, November 9, 2015

Clever's Annual Performance Report

2015 Annual Performance Report
Each year, public schools in Missouri are scored on an Annual Performance Report (APR) that is generated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  This annual report is an accountability measure to review the performance of districts across the state. The accountability process is lined out in the Missouri School Improvement Program, otherwise known as MSIP 5. Accountability measures include the following:  Student Achievement (MAP/EOC scores), College and Career Readiness, Graduation Rate and Attendance Rate. Clever_High_SchoolLogo634036696339515680.jpg

We are excited to announce that Clever School District received 95.7% of total points possible. Thanks to the hard work of teachers, students, parents, administration, and the greater school community, the Clever School DIstrict was able to find this great gain on the APR.  Work was  focused on comprehensive literacy, learning targets, and instructional technology, which helped achieve great gains in student achievement.  The Springfield News Leader commented on the improvements made by the district in their article, Christian County School Districts Make Gains, Meet Benchmarks. Congratulations students and staff of the Clever R-V School District for a great 2015 report card!

As we focus on continuous improvement, there will be continued work not only on literacy and numeracy, but also designing and implementing instruction that will support and  develop the whole child. There is still work to be accomplished, and our target areas have not changed. The district focus areas include:  Comprehensive Literacy, building capacity and show growth in Mathematics; College and Career Readiness Skills. Instruction throughout the district will continue to improve and evolve as we continue on this journey toward educational excellence. We want to prepare our learners to go out into the workforce with the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity.

Comprehensive literacy is the core of all educational success.  The work that has been done has prepared students for the information-rich environment within which they live, and will be the foundational piece that will support the 21st century skills and instruction. Continued focus on comprehensive literacy will keep a balanced instructional approach, and lead to continued student achievement gains. The next step will be to use these literacy skills to support and expand a focus on STEM education and build learning stamina through rigor and relevance in all disciplines. High expectations in all areas, will help support the work and achievement gains on our APR.  Again, congratulations to all Clever R-V staff and students on the great gains. We look forward to another year of improved student achievement and a great APR in 2016!

Steve Carvajal, Superintendent

Robyn Gordon, Assistant Superintendent

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