Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Upcoming Quizzes & Tests

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I am very good at blaming the 'baby brain' for my forgetfulness. 

*We have been working on our continents and oceans as our morning work for the past two weeks. We will have a quiz over them on Friday morning. All students have a map that we have been using to label & study.

*Our first math topic of place value is almost over. Students will be allowed to take the test tomorrow if they feel ready but will have until next Tuesday if they would like more time. We will be spending the rest of this week and Monday on anything they are still confused on. I do have a study guide created that is not mandatory but will be available to them if they would like. It is rather long but I have given examples & been as descriptive as possible with my instructions. They may do all, part or none of it. It is really for them to practice the specific parts they are struggling with.

*We have also been working on a list of vocabulary words. Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday morning. I'm not checking for spelling with these words; just an understanding of their meanings. Their words are:


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