Thursday, September 8, 2016

Science Project

Happy Thursday! I wanted to make sure that everyone was clear on the expectations for the science project. 

1. This should be something SIMPLE. There is no need to go buy anything. They could test the best type of paper to make a paper airplane fly farther or what kind of bubble gum blows the biggest bubble? This is simply to see if they understand the process of the scientific method & can follow the steps. 

2. All students were given a guide to go by and a lab report to fill out as they go. This guide has deadlines for each section & should be initialed each day by the teacher to make sure they are staying on track. (I was gone yesterday so some of them may not have my initials). 

3. This is a type of assessment and should be solely completed by the students. They are welcome to get some help coming up with an idea but the writing of the lab report, designing of testable question & hypothesis, etc should be all their work. 

4. They will be giving short presentations next Wednesday or Thursday to share what they tested & what happened during the test. I'm not looking for a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation, just a quick 1-2 minute explanation of what they did & learned. 

You may use this link to see a copy of their timeline & expectations if they don't have it at home. 
Click Here for Science Project

Please let me know if you have any questions.
-Mrs. Fenley

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